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Can Not Detect Device

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. FoneDog FAQ: What should I do if FoneDog does not detect my device?

Your problem may be caused by something wrong with USB connection, if your device can not be detected, you can refer to following steps:

  1. Please disconnect your device and connect it again. Then please unlock your device and click "Trust" button on your device to trust the computer.
  2. In case the connection is unstable, please change other USB cable and try again.
  3. Make sure you are using the latest version.
  4. Check out whether your iTunes can recognize your device.
  5. If your iTunes can recognize your device and our product can't detect your phone, please do as below.
    1. Launch iTunes.
    2. Connect your device until iTunes can recognize your device.
    3. Close your iTunes.
    4. Restart our product to check if the app can detect your device.
  6. If your device stuck, can't restart or in another abnormal state, you can use the iOS System Recovery function to fix it. If our product still can't help you, please contact customer service, [email protected].

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